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Getting there was the fun part. We flew over from Ft. Lauderdale.

Fresh Conch for our salad.

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Peter and Mary flew over in their own little plane, a Piper Super Cub.  

We dived with K&B EZ Diving

K & B EZ Diving.
The best friendliest dive operators on Bimini. Krista and Brown went out of their way to make our diving very enjoyable.  Thank you!

We dived right behind me every day it was great!
We dived at the hotel right behind me, and went out with  K & B EZ Diving. 

For my Birthday, Peter let me fly all over the islands we stayed up for several hours.  The plane has a stick not a yoke. I felt like I was flying an old fighter plane.  Thanks Peter.

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Marry, Me, Debbie, Peter, Marry

The water was too Clear.  Everyone was having fun watching the fish and taking pictures.  I found this extra large nurse shark and everyone took its picture.

Speaking of flying the eagle rays kept flying around us on every shore dive.  
They are very graceful.

South tip of Bimini

This is where we stayed, on the south tip of Bimini.

BIG Nurse SHARK. Almost 10 feet long and very fat.

Nice sized Nurse shark taking a nap.

Debbie thinks the Scorpion Fish,  Looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon


Parrot Island is a state of mind.
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