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 There are several Quarries and lakes in Middle TN that have good diving.  We try to go to all of them at least once.  Come dive with us anytime.  You can always find a club member who lives near you or will dive where you want.   We don't all dive the same place at the same time that would be too many for any quarry.

The Dale Hollow lake trip is our biggest local dive with only about 70 of us.


Treasure Hunt
The few of us not diving at the time. It seems we can never get a group picture with everyone. Congratulations to Nick, Scott, Mel for completing your Open Water Dives. Patrick for Competing NITROX and starting Advanced.  Reen for mastering Peak Performance Buoyancy.



Click on map for larger image to directions to Cerulean.

   Lisa Feeding Smiley
Kitty Quartet.  The Catfish were HUGE, about 4 feet long.  We fed them from shore like pets.  They would stand up in the water and beg for chips.  We tried to get some good underwater pictures but they were very shy and stayed away.

Quarry Dives in TN and KY

Martha's SCUBA Quarry

Quarry1.JPG (21638 bytes) Quarry4.JPG (29238 bytes)

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Quarry6.JPG (11618 bytes) Quarry3.JPG (37322 bytes)
Quarry2.JPG (41525 bytes) Scuba Diving is easy, anyone can learn.

Quarry7.JPG (30725 bytes)




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