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March 12-19, 2011

Are you a Scuba Instructor?
You stay and dive free when you Bring 7 students to Bonaire.

We usually take about 50 people in March
and about half that many in October.

Print Bonaire Brochure

Bonus Christmas Special!

The first 20 who sign up before Christmas will receive $125 free extras.

  • Free Boat Dive with Wanna Dive

  • Free Friday Sunset Beach Party on Klein Bonaire includes food & drinks.  We'll take the boat over to Klein Bonaire for our own private beach party. 

  • Free PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Certification

  • Free Thursday Rum Punch Party at the Wanna Dive Hut

$200 Hotel Deposit

$200 Hotel, Rental vehicle & Unlimited Dive Package deposit holds your spot. 

Print Deposit and Liability Form

Earn your Dive Master in Bonaire $450
This is a 2 week course.  You will train and intern the first week with the group, and be tested the second week.   Study before you go.  Get certified PADI Divemaster in Bonaire.

Kenny took great pictures of this huge Octopus

Unlimited Shore Diving: Visibility averages 100 feet, and Bonaire's reefs enjoy the highest diversity of reef fish in the Caribbean.  In addition to over 350 different species of reef fish you may see hawksbill and green sea turtles, sea horses, rays, tarpon, reef sharks, seahorses, frogfish, and even the occasional whaleshark. Bonaire's extensive reef system also hosts a prolific number of both soft and hard corals and sponges.

Half of the happy divers possed for this picture.

We planned this dive and still only ended up with less then half of us in the pyramid.  Most of us paired up and dived all over the island. We would meet at night to compare pictures, swap dive stories and decide with whom and where we would dive the next day.

Bonaire is the Park and Dive Capital of the World, Where you're the Dive Master and the pool is open 24/7. No schedules just fun.

Dive with the group or go exploring with your buddy.  You may dive with any of our several Dive Masters or go on a romantic dive with your partner.  Bonaire is perfect for all divers.

 Delta Schedule

Flight down:
Delta 742 Departs Nashville 5:30 am Mach 12,
Delta 663  Departs Atlanta 9:40 am      
Arrives in Bonaire 2:55


Flight back:
Delta 662  Departs BON  2:59 pm       
Delta 342    Arrives BNA  9:00 pm    March 19   


"A Divers Paradise"
2-Slide Show
 $865 pp/dbl includes 7 nights hotel, Car rental, Unlimited Diving.
2 people in studio apt on the beach with kitchen.
 $865 pp/Triple, includes 7 nights hotel, Car rental, Unlimited Diving.
3 people in  2 bedroom condo on the beach with kitchen.

$755 pp/quad includes 7 nights hotel, Car rental, Unlimited Diving.
4 people in 2 bedroom condo on the beach, upstairs has 2 bedrooms, each with your own bathroom.  Downstairs has kitchen, half bathroom, and sitting area.


Let me know if you need a roommate or roommates.

  $200 Nonrefundable Deposit Per person

Don't forget your Parrot Island Scuba dive club T-shirts $10

  • 7 nights studio Apt room with kitchenette, on the beach

  • Pool and Beach steps away.

  • Beach Restaurant

  • Unlimited Tanks for Shore Diving.

  • Truck or car rental to get to the many dive sites (1 per Apt.)

Let me know if you need a roommate or roommates.

Dive anywhere you want all day and night.  
The island is one big dive site.  The reef is only a few feet away.

Dive Club Members take advantage of discounted Scuba lessons and PADI Specialties.

$99 Open Water Certification Dives (reg. $185)
$125 Advanced Certification (reg. $225)
$75 Specialties; Wreck Diver,  Deep Diver, Night Diver ,  Underwater Navigator, Boat Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy.
$95 NITROX (reg. $175)

 Every apt gets your own rental dive vehicle.  This is the first day when all the divers had to complete a buoyancy check, this was the only day we were all together.  We have several dive Masters who made the buoyancy check-out dive quick and fun. The non-divers sat on the beach at our hotel. No Schedules just fun!
The rest of the week we were spread all over the island.


Reserve your spot early this trip sells out fast.

There were wild donkeys every where.

Some of us had to fly thru Jamaica so we got our picture at Margaritaville.


Lunch break. This is where we spotted 2 Sea horses a few years ago.


NightDive-eel.JPG (64884 bytes)

More of us on an afternoon dive.


Tim found this hard to find Sea horse,  Debbie's Picture.

Debbie won  an award for this picture of a Spotted Eagle Ray.

Last night with friends in Paradise.

lighthouse.jpg (31118 bytes)

Pool Time.

Kenny's Octopus

Some of us who went on a night dive.

Reen Patiently waiting for her husband.

salt-pile.JPG (6405 bytes)

Bonfire Party in Bonaire

We did walk in dives everywhere.  See where the water changes color? That is the reef.

Some of us on a morning dive.

Dive-Buddy.JPG (22216 bytes)

Room List For October

 Studio 1
Sleeps 2


Apt. 1
Two  bedroom
Sleeps 4

 Walob  Tate  

Studio 2
Sleeps 2


Apt. 2
Two  bedroom
Sleeps 4


Studio 3
Sleeps 2


Studio 4
Sleeps 2


Studio 5
Sleeps 2







Parrot Island is a state of mind.
   Marcos@ParrotIslandDivers.com   (615) 955-3483